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DJ mixer, 6 channels, 2DJ Mic, 1USB.


A compact and robust 19” DJ-mixer with stylish black design (blue and white LEDs)

4 input channels equipped with smooth dual-rail 60mm

DJ-faders: 7 line or 5line + 2phonos, 1USB 2 separate DJ mics with 3band equalizer, on-air switch and adjustable talkover

1 Bidirectional USB sound card (play and record at the same time!) Separate 3.5mm stereo input on front panel: easy to connect MP3-player etc.

Gain, treble, mid, bass controls and peak indicator on all channels Assignable smooth 45mm dual-rail crossfader with adjustable curve and on/off switch

2 Master outputs, master1 with balanced XLR outputs

LED VU-meters with CUE/master compare function.

Pre-fade listening with cue mix and blend/split options Free recording software available : Audacity :




319,00 €Prix